People Responding to Hurricane Warnings as Florence Nears

More than 5.4 million are living in risky areas where hurricane warnings and storm watches have been posted. Four million of the people are living in an area with a tropical storm watch. The people living in Carolina are subjected to the biggest threatas the hurricane is heading over there right now.

Many activities have been postponed including court cases, election campaign, fund raising events, school classes, and football games as a result of the hurricane. Airlines are closing down and flights are being canceled. Ferry services from Ocracoke Island will be suspended with the last round taking place at 9:30 am to Swan Squarter. According to the ferry officials, the ferry services have helped to evacuate 1,582 people.

Prisoners in low and medium security prisons are being evacuated. Animals expected to be displaced by the hurricane have been moved to animal shelters in safer places. In Kentucky and West Virginia, some state parks are offering cheap lodging for people who need shelter. State parks are offering up to 55% discount on their cabins, rooms and campground.

Hurricane Florence is currently 785 miles southeast of Cape Fear and it is heading northwest to Carolina. The Category 4 hurricane has a sustained wind of 140 mph and is expected to intensify to Category 5 hurricane with sustained wind above 157 mph.

Forecasters predict that more than 2 million people will experience power outage. The power outage may linger for an extended period in some places. The outage problem will be even more serious if Hurricane Florence heads north.

South Carolina residents are advised to test the water in their wall on the presence of bacteria contamination following Hurricane Florence. The water of the well can become contaminated and become not suitable for drinking and cooking even if it is being submerged in water for just a short while.

Many states have sent resources to help Carolina prepare for Hurricane Florence. Fire fighting team in Southern California will be deployed to help those stranded in the flood water. In Tennessee, a search and rescue team is also deployed to assist the residents at Virginia before the arrival of Hurricane Florence.

More than 100 emergency personnel has been sent by Louisiana to the Carolina. Louisiana has sent both water rescue team and urban search and rescue team. Nebraska also send 3 dozens of search and rescue team to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Trump said that the safety of the American people is his highest priority. Americans living in at risk areas are advised to pack their things and move to a higher ground. If you plan to leave, you should go to the gas station to stock up on the gas to ensure you have enough fuel for the journey. Many gas station in North and South Carolina are said to be running short of fuel.

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