Major Flooding Disaster Hits S.C. From Hurricane Joaquin Reminants

By the looks of things, ferocious Hurricane Joaquin will not make direct landfall in the U.S., yet that does not mean the east coast will be spared its wrath. The East Coast may see possibly historic floods all along the coast, well over 12 states. Already 4 states have declared emergencies.

One state Governor already has come on record stating “This is not just any rain,”, declared Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina, who also added “This is going to be the heaviest rain we have ever seen.” She is advising residents of her state to stay out of any low lying areas. She also stated she fully expects power outages that will last at least for days, due to wide spread flooding. She has called out the national guard, who are on stand by with well over 150,000 sand bags to help stem the tide of the expected wide scale flooding. It is unusual to see such high ranking public officials come out with such stern warnings ahead of a disaster, which only goes to show how historic this potential flooding may be.

This flooding will develop starting Friday night, and continuing well into the weekend, possibly till as late as Tuesday of the following week. This will begin as Hurricane Joaquin rips past the Bahamas and makes it way north. Already the hurricanes effects have been felt in Maine, Virginia and alas South Carolina, all 3 states have experienced massive flooding, as a direct result of this storm. This category 4 storm is not expected to make direct landfall, due to the Hurricane forecast models, yet history has shown us time and again that these models are merely educated guesses, and that new weather patterns can develop which can drastically alter a Hurricanes projected path. As it stands now Hurricane Joaquin is a Category 4 hurricane, with 130 mph winds, and brings with it in it’s wake a massive amount of moisture, which travels far ahead of it’s path, projected to effect all of the east coast.

If you are a resident of the East Coast, be prepared for power outages, shortages in food, water and basic supplies. Make sure to have an evacuation and emergency plans in place should the weather take a turn for the worst. With careful planing, there should be no loss of life or injuries due to this storm. Being prepared and staying informed is the key here for dealing with Hurricane Joaquin’s effects. It is expected that federal aid will be available for effected communities, and FEMA is already ramping up to prepare for any eventual complications due to this historic storm. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a flood insurance policy, you should keep the phone number handy for the insurance company, should disaster strike.

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