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October 4, 2015 – Disaster recovery teams are deploying extra resources into the region in anticipation of major flooding from Hurricane Joaquin – Crews have been deployed to South Carolina to assist with any flood recovery efforts in the Midlands area and for the entire state.

injectidryYet another victim of the vicious evil that is water damage is your hardwood floor. This damage can be a lot more destructive since, your entire floor can rot away and pose the threat of injury to you and your entire family. Leaking pipes, roofs, and appliances can be dangerous when living in a house with hardwood floors. One of the most destructive side-effects of water damage is wood-rot. This can happen either over a long period of time or within a few short weeks depending upon the quality of the wood and the amount of water it is exposed to. Call the Restoration Pros of SC today!

When one first discovers water damage done to their hard wood floors, they may shrug it off, or presume that it will remain localized. They may not even think that it was caused due to a faulty appliance or trouble with the plumbing. Ignoring these problems, though is extremely dangerous since bacteria can act extremely fast in feeding on the wood-floor fibers. An entire section of the wood floor could be destroyed in a matter of weeks and the level of destruction it could cause, almost unfathomable. Work with Columbia’s leading disaster team in repairs and restoration, service to the greater Columbia area.

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In these cases, calling a professional water damage service could work out cheaper than trying to repair the problem on your own. A professional service will first seek to confine the damage to an area to prevent it from spreading and then they will pinpoint the source of the damage in the first place and fix it quickly. While most people wait for an outright catastrophe to strike before they even think of calling such professional services, it would be wiser to call on them as soon as any sign of damage is detected since not only will it save you lots of money on repairs, but you will not be forced to rebuild an entire floor.

It is also advisable that you call upon a professional service before notifying your insurance company. Most property insurance policies do cover water damage as well, however, by filing a complaint, your insurance premiums may increase and cost you a lot more in the long run than had you just repaired the damage as well. A professional water damage control team will be able to give you a free estimate on examining the problem and inform you on whether it would be more advisable to pay for the repair yourself or file an insurance claim with your agency. Call the South Carolina Restoration Pros of Columbia for all your service needs. 800-692-7442

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